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55+ NEWS

Important Information about the proposed 55+ October trip to Branson:  So far we have been unable to find a qualified driver for our church bus, and so far not enough of our people have expressed an interest in our planned trip to Branson
 Oct. 7-10.  We have until August 1 to make a decision as to whether we will go on the trip.  We also feel obligated to let those know at this time of the possibility of having to cancel our plans.  So, if anyone can help us with a driver, or if you plan to go and just haven’t let us know, please contact us ASAP.  If we should cancel the trip, we would try again at the beginning of the summer of 2015 when some of our qualified drivers might be available.  --from your planning committee of Marilyn Berryhill, Helen Anderson and Martha Clark.

We have had our last 55+ lunch and program until September. 
When we start back with our programs and lunches, we’ll be meeting on a new day with a new meal plan.  We’ll start meeting on the first Wednesday of each month, and our first meeting will be  September 3.  Also, instead of a covered dish lunch, we’ll have our meal catered and charge a fee.  Watch for announcements in August about making lunch reservations, price of meal, etc.  This new meal plan is on a trial basis from Sept. through December to see how it works.  If we don’t like it, we’ll go back to bringing a covered dish!

In addition to our luncheons we have short day-trips, and a week-long adventure in Central Texas at Camp Buckner.  

We’re always happy to hear your comments about trips and programs, so let us know if you have any suggestions.

55+ is a ministry for Senior Adults at First Baptist Church.