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We have a very active senior adult ministry. The seniors meet on the first Wednesday of each month for a catered meal (cost $5) and a program. Program guests range from musical talent to informative talks geared for seniors. The fellowship is held in the Fellowship Hall at 11:30 a.m. Guests are welcome.

Both day and overnight trips are scheduled throughout the year. Check in to see what is scheduled.

A group meets each Thursday at 1:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall for a friendly (?) game of 42.


55+ is a ministry for Senior Adults at First Baptist Church Kilgore

Friday Nite at the Movies - August 14, 2015  - 6:00pm - Fellowship Hall

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   From One Senior to Another

I have some great memories of senior adults over my fifty-plus years in the pastorate.  It would be difficult to name just one person who stands out as the greatest influence on my life.  There have been many who have had a direct impact on my journey as a pastor.  Among those was a sweet and energetic person named Bonnie Kay Austin.  I remember her faithfulness as a teacher of children and preschoolers.  We had a church and city-wide celebration on her 104th birthday.  By the way, she lived almost 105 years (dying just two months shy of her 105th birthday.)  Many of you may not know it but Bonnie Kay often wrote poetry.  I would like to share one of her poems with you that she wrote on her 100th birthday:
              Now that I've reached a hundred years
                   Things really are just the same,
                                                                            The days are short and very cold
                                                                                And I say, "What's your name?"
                                                                         I remember the good times that we've had
                                                                              Throughout the many years
                                                                          At church, traveling and at home
                                                                              Much laughter and some tears.
                                                                            I've been unusually well this year
                                                                               The Good Lord richly blessed
                                                                          I missed one Sunday, Sunday School
                                                                                   Sunday School I like best.
                                                                            I hope the New Year brings us joy
                                                                                    Serving God and others
                                                                          Our country needs the Master's touch
                                                                                    To help us live like brothers.

 DO ME A FAVOR: Find another senior adult and thank them for the difference they've made in your life!