Senior Adult

We have a very active senior adult ministry. The seniors meet on the first Wednesday of each month for a catered meal (cost $5) and a program. Program guests range from musical talent to informative talks geared for seniors. The fellowship is held in the Fellowship Hall at 11:30 a.m. Guests are welcome.

Both day and overnight trips are scheduled throughout the year. Check in to see what is scheduled.

A group meets each Thursday at 1:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall for a friendly game   of 42.  



2017 -                                                                                                               Martha Clark
Jo Ann Whiteside
David Spinks                                                                                    Martha Smith

3 Year (2018)
Larry Perkins (Chairman)
Brenda McCarty
Marion Turner  

2019                                                                                                                David Wimberly                                                                                           Bill Brantley                                                                                                  Rita Brantley



     March 15, 2017

Our next 55+ LUNCHEON will be on Wednesday, April 5th.  As usual, we will have a great meal, some wonderful fellowship, and a time of prayer!  Our special guest will be Juanita Benson, a specialist on Medicare.  She will share the latest information affecting Medicare as well as answer any questions we might want to ask! 


1. Friday Nite Out (April 21st at 5:30 pm...a place
   will be announced soon)

2. Senior Adult Day (Sunday, May 7th... Special
    recognition's & a luncheon; It is time to sign up
    for the luncheon)

It is also time to sign up for our SENIOR ADULT CONFERENCE at East Texas Baptist University, May 31 - June 2.  Information concerning the costs and programming are available in our E-News Letter, bulletin boards and the church office.  We also have some "conference brochures."  Anyone who has been already can tell you how good the food is and how first class the program personalities are!

WE ARE PLANNING SOME NEW AND CREATIVE MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES!  A trip to Branson is in the works along with some other short and interesting day-trips.  Watch the bulletin and other forms of publicity for more information.

FOR YOU YOUNGER SENIORS... We will be introducing the creation of a new ministry for those who are 55-70 years of age...give or  take a few years!  Of course, this group will also participate in some of our traditional older seniors events as well (Senior Adult Conference, Senior Adult Day, etc.)  We are going to call this group "BOOMERS".. We have a "Boomers Dream Team" that has already had their first meeting.  Please remember them in your prayers!  Did you know that the 60 plus population is growing more rapidly than any other population group; that 10,000 boomers turn 65 every day in America and that 66% of the older population in Texas is younger than 75?  This means that churches have a great evangelistic opportunity in front of them!

to some very wonderful seniors during this past year.  Please remember to pray for their families and in particular for those spouses who have lost their mate.  You might want to contact either a widow or widower who has lost their mate and pray for them and/or visit them.  I know they need it and  would appreciate it!  We have a list of widows/widowers in the church office who have recently lost a mate.