What to expect

What to Expect 

You can expect the morning service to be celebratory, casual, and relevant. Friendly people will meet you at the door. You will notice some people dressed in jeans and casual shoes, a few in suits and dresses, and most- some place in between. The worship leader will invite you to participate in celebrating Jesus and the grace He offers us. The pastor will share a relevant message from the Bible in a conversational/teaching style.
You can expect your children to have a great time. Children from kindergarten through 5th grade worship in Kid's Church, which is located in the chapel. Or, your children can worship with you if you prefer. We have found that children not only have a great time, but learn more when they get to worship in a setting designed just for them. We provide preschool childcare for children under kindergarten age.
You can expect worship to include traditional and contemporary elements.  Some worship practices have been used for centuries because they help people connect with God in a personal and meaningful way. Some of the newest music opens an avenue of worship for people to express themselves in an authentic and fresh manner. We don't want to lose something really good just because it's old. We don't want to miss something really helpful just because it's new.
You can expect a real connection at First Baptist is most likely to happen in Sunday School. Sunday School is a small group Bible study that takes place on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am. These small groups allow us to make the life connections we all need. You are welcome to visit our different Bible study groups until you find one that feels right for you.
Most importantly, you can expect to find people at First Baptist who love God and love people.