Bible Study

Sunday School is a place where we connect with each other. We invite people to come and discover God's truth. Come join us on our adventure pursuing God.

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Please search our class list to find a perfect spot for you and your family.

Young Women    Age 20-34
College   Age 18-24  
Singles II    Age 35-up
Adult 1 & 2 (Coed)    Age 25-39
Adult 3B (Coed)    Age 45-49
Adult 4A (Coed)    Age 50-53
Adult 4B (Coed)    Age 54-59
Adult 4 Men    Age 50-59
Adult 5 Coed    Age 60-69
Adult 5 Ladies (Joyful Martha Class)    Age 60-64
Adult 6 Ladies (Love Class)    Age 70-79
Adult 6 Men (Reliable Class)    Age 70-79
Adult 7  Ladies Age 80+  
Adult 8 Coed Med-Older Adults    
Adult 9 Coed (Master's Class)  Older Adults

NEW ADULT CLASS BEGINNING April 12th. If you are not currently attending a Bible Study class (even if you are enrolled in one) we invite you to attend this class. Dr. Pete Freeman will be the teacher. The class will meet in the Fellowship Hall 1st floor classroom. Signs will be posted.

Middle School  
High School  


Birth - One     
2 & 3 Year Old    
4 Year Old     
5 Year Old - Kindergarten    
Grade 1     
Grade 2     
Grade 3     
Grade 4 & 5